Cult Crowd is a new venture capitalist firm for new media initiatives. We participate in and collaborate with new media startups. We supply support and advise whenever and wherever needed. With a background and network in media, music and sports, the startups can count on financial, legal, editorial and marketing backup.  Next to that, there is an in-house production company, editorial office and we offer creative workspaces in Amsterdam to each of the participations.


Basis principles for all Cult Crowd participations:


(New) Media is the starting point
The participation is active with/in media (video, images, art or music).

Socio-cultural foundation
Each participation has a socio-cultural base. Think of arts, culture, sports and music.

A strong community within a specific field is (potentially) linked to the participation. The participation wants to activate, create or build on this strong community online and offline.

International ambition
The participation endorses an international focus and growth.

Innovation and creativity is in the DNA of every participation.